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March 09, 2018


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Wow, Haglund, really happy to read how much you enjoyed the performance. I'm thrilled to see it tomorrow (Saturday March 10). Just disappointed I missed out on the fireworks of Arian and Dayesi. Man, the NYT was not kind - super picky. And tellingly, no mention in the NYT review about how much the audience enjoyed it.

Great description of what I experienced last night! A number of men I know were brought to tears. I very much enjoyed your zinger towards the NYT. He writes like a jilted lover regarding PABallet.

Thanks David and Bryan P.

I apologize for forgetting to mention the superb work of Zecheng Liang and Ashton Roxander as the Neopolitans in the main review up top. They were incredible, and the choreography was so difficult that it's likely that even Angel would have found it quite challenging in his heyday.

Sadly, David, when Alastair has to deal with either a dropdead gorgeous woman in a lead role (prototype: Vishneva) or a virile heterosexual leading man, it almost guarantees a negative review. Most everyone knows that by now.

Haglund, I was so relieved to read your review! I was also there last night. When I read The NY Times review, I thought maybe I had had one too many glasses of rose before the show!

Ballet Fan,

I got there too late to try the rosé, unfortunately. But I did manage to snap this picture of the stunning floral art piece in the lobby. This elegant lady enjoyed plenty of photo ops:

Floral art at Swan Lake premiere PA Ballet 3-8-18


May I suggest that if you are interested to see the "Echt Petipa" "Swan Lake" , see the Zurich Ballet reconstruction by Ratmansky ( Performances: June 3,8,9,12,15, 17 and 23) . It was a revelation ! I also saw the La Scala Ballet performance - although it is older and larger , the Zurich ballet performance with Viktoria Kapitonova and Alexander Jones was superior .
I always read your blog , in addition to many others . I agree generally with your criticism of ABT and its current deplorable state , and am only looking forward to "Harlequinade" and "Whipped Cream" , and will avoid Copeland , Whiteside and Boylston . At least there is NYCB

I saw the performance and found myself feeling that I was in the presence of greatness as I watched Torriente's interpretation of Odette/Odile. The emphasis was on the feeling, behind the movement in spite of the technical prowess.

Mary Ellen,

Thanks for the comment. I totally agree with you.

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