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April 25, 2018


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I just flew to London for Osipova's Manon, I'll definitely fly to LA for Mayerling!

Mayerling is an expensive production to tour. I can't imagine that the RB would bring it to the U.S. for just three performances in L.A. Perhaps NY or Wash DC will see it as well. Fingers crossed.

Will be there whether it's in LA or closer to home. Maybe any of their principals are up for the part, but it's hard to imagine anyone topping Edward Watson's sheer depravity.

RB's site shows that in addition to Watson, McRae, Soares, Hirano, and Bonelli are performing Rudolf on their home stage.

For years/decades I dreamed about suddenly coming face to face with Irek Mukhamedov (the legendary Rudolf) and locking gazes. Well, lo and behold, last week at the YAGP Final in the aisle of the Koch Theater, it finally happened. But oh my goodness, while the eyes were the same, nothing else was. Still and all, a very charismatic man. 🤤

It looks like the Royal Ballet will be in LA during the summer of 2019 and performing a new Wayne McGregor work according to this: https://www.dancing-times.co.uk/royal-ballet-2018-2019-season/ I will definitely ygo to see it but I would LOVE to see Mayerling or any other MacMillan ballet.

The last time RB was here LA was about 15 years ago at OCPAC (Orange County) with Giselle. I can't wait! Cuthbertson, Lamb, Nuñez, & Osipova seem like Marvel superheroes I only get to see on movie and TV screens. I'm grateful they are condescending to visit the Dorthy Chandler Pavilion (I can see the theater from my office window) here in the southern California desert (climate & cultural).

Hi, Leo.

Get a Mayerling ticket close to the stage and be sure to fasten your seat belt.

Thanks, H!
I appreciate this page. Principal casting was announced today for ABT's La Bayadère here at Dorothy Chandler in July. Reading the these reviews made Shevchenko/Teuscher the clear choice. Thanks again!

Most definitely see the Teuscher/Shevchenko cast.

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