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July 24, 2018


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Brandt is a wonderful dancer and I enjoyed watching her last season. I did wish that she was given at least 1 debut in a classic especially since she did so well last year.

If ABT was smart they would push Brandt, Lane and Trenary and evoke Old World Romantic/Classical ballet of the 18th and early 19th century. There are so many ways to pair up and maximize PR about many of the good dancers at ABT. But it seems only one dancer sucks up all the publicity.

This show looks spectacular. But I think I'll stick with your blog for any future news/videos. "The big ballet" as a YouTube search-term is disappointing to say the least!

I like Brandt and do hope that she gets debuts in the future, but I'd rather not put the cart before the horse so to speak... I'd rather see Lane who was languishing as a soloist for SO long get her due if it was an issue of trying to shove Brandt into the already crowded roster of competing ballerinas. As it is, Lane is only getting one performance per ballet.


I'll do my best to find video clips. We'll likely have to wait until January when it is televised all over Russia. Hopefully someone will plant some or all of it on YouTube.

Julian Mackay's brother, Nicholas, who is of the Bolshoi Academy and the Vaganova Academy, is also a photographer. He has been hanging out snapping pictures of Skylar and Julian. Check out these six terrific pictures:


I have no idea what the contemporary piece is (pix 4&6), but both dancers look incredible. And, of course, their Petipa photos are to die for. I hope one of their five pieces includes Flames of Paris in which they both would simply rock the continent.

Hardly need to pile on and/or simply rehash an Instagram account that I am sure all Haglund'ers follow, but fearless Skylar admits to not even knowing the title of the contemporary piece:)

It's called At the Sunset by Kirill Radev.

The still photos are stunning, but I'm afraid Mr. Radev's website suggests that he's an Angst & Yank kinda choreographer. sigh...

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