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February 16, 2009


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I saw one of the last performances of the ballet by the Hungarian National Ballet in Budapest 2 years ago and i guess, Lady Mcmillan had ended their performing rights. The ballerinas were very good but Rudolf was not very well danced or acted

Very interesting, Jose. It gives hope that maybe the "rights-issue" door is opened a crack.

I would love to see Gomes as Rudolf, but ABT doesn't have the ballerina power for "Mayerling". You need six ballerina/actresses!

Hi, Rachel!

You're probably right, and at this time, they may not have three strong casts that they could rotate. But here's a start:

My Rudolfs would be: Gomes, Hallberg, Stappas
Mary Vetseras would be: Reyes, Vishneva, Dvorovenko
Mitzie Caspars: Boone, Abrera, Riccetto
Marie Larisches: Kent, Murphy, Part
Stephanies: Gemma Bond, Marian Butler, Melissa Thomas

It's fun to think about it, but it will probably never become a reality.

-- Haglund

Great casting ideas! It's fun to dream. I would add Michele Wiles as a potential Mitzi. But who would play Rudolf's mama, Empress Elisabeth??

Hi Rachel Marlene!

Not sure who would be good as Elisabeth. However, this week during Swan Lake, Haglund was thinking that Misty Copeland with her innocent face could also convey the seductive recklessness of Mary Vetsera. And she's small enough to slither around most any Rudolf.

-- Haglund

Let me put the record straight: 'Mayerling' may have been made on the Royal Ballet, but I have never decreed that it should stay only with the Royal Ballet. Budapest built their own production and did a fine performance - and whoever gave the idea that I removed the rights from them? Vienna has acquired it, did a splendid premiere last year, and revival this. Other companies are in discussion for future productions. I'd love Mayerling to come to ABT - after all it's been to New York with the Royal Ballet. But the management of ABT has told me that the New York audience wouldn't understand the story........ Good luck with your campaign! Deborah MacMillan

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