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April 03, 2009


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Is she leaving ABT? I guess it would make sense for her to join her husband.

Hi Jose. No official word out of ABT. Perhaps if enough people query the press office ([email protected]), it will see fit to clarify Abrera's situation.

It would seem to make perfect sense that she would want to join her husband and that she would get greater opportunities and coaching elsewhere. However, it makes all the more sense that we should have her husband back on our team. Radetsky can skate and shoot and block and check, and when he doesn't have a clear shot at the net, he passes the puck to someone who does. We need this guy on our team, whether he has the potential for the glamorous hat trick or not.


It's good news AND bad news. Stella is still with ABT but is still injured and will be out all season - per somebody at the press office.

Trix! Haglund is relieved but will remain nervous. Thanks for getting an answer.

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