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November 29, 2009


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I was at the Met gift shop yesterday, and I saw a DVD of ABT's "The Nutcracker." I wondered if ABT would ever perform this ballet again. I'm guessing they don't want to compete with NYCB's but the BAM solution is perfect! I can't wait to see the wonderful David Hallberg as the Cavalier (and Gillian, Michelle and Paloma -- I adore Paloma -- as the SP fairy and Dewdrop). I hope they cast Hee Seo (love her!) in a major part. Oops... I'm getting carried away. BAM is wonderful; I'm lucky enough to be a member.

I do hope that Shoeless Joe comes to you again in your dream to tell you that the Yanks will win the W.S in 2010. I'm getting a little nervous that the Sox are serious contenders for Halladay (boy am I going through baseball/Yank withdrawal!).

I hope it will be a traditional(or semi-traditional)production and Mr R. will not be too modern in his concept.
I get worried when they hire Broadway-based designers(remember the Sleeping Beauty fiasco).

Hi Deborah!

Listen, Halladay WANTS to be a Yankee. Yesterday, it was rumor-reported all over the internet that he says he's willing to waive the No Trade Clause in his contract in order to come to the Yankees. That's exactly what Roger Clemens did to get here! Fingers crossed!!

Haglund can't wait until next December for ABT's new Nutcracker. Two weeks of performances – with weekday matinees for school kids – could turn into 25 performances! Imagine the youngsters in the corps who will get an opportunity to shine in principal roles. This will be very exciting!

Hi Jose. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Yeah, Haglund is a bit nervous about the Broadway-based designers waltzing into ballet and opera because the results are usually more disney-disappointing than pleasing. Let's hope for a fearsome Rat King from Richard Hudson that doesn't resemble Mickey Mouse.

Haglund trusts Ratmansky with The Nutcracker. A-Rat has artistic common sense and knows what the ballet means to kids and to the child in all of us.

- Haglund

Ooh I can't wait!

Hi Rebekah! The excitement about the new Nutcracker is building already. It definitely will be one of the highlights of the next holiday season.

- Haglund

What's better than an ABT vs Mark Morris' Hard Nut battle in Brooklyn, 2010?

LOL! It would really just be one more battle over the gentrification of the neighborhood, wouldn't it? Hope those Atlantic Yards protesters keep their distance.

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