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November 25, 2009


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Interesting point about "Rubies." And you're right -- Robbie would be spectacular! With the exception of the orchestra (terrific, and loved the rising platform), and the very well performed "Concerto DSCH," I was very
disappointed in opening night. Truly, I had no expectations about Martins' new ballet (it didn't sound promising from the get-go), and yet I was bored (I kept thinking, "please let this end soon!"). Still, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I was so happy to see the NYCB dancers again that I forgive any opening night transgressions:).
Thanks for a fine and fun review!

Hi Deborah. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the Haglund'eelers out there.

Call me foolishly optimistic, call me downright in denial when reality is slapping me in the face, but Haglund thinks that there is a good ballet inside Peter Martins somewhere. With the addition of the new executive director that is supposed to relieve Martins from the everyday business side of the company,he will - for the first time - have more time to spend with the dancers and on artistic matters.

There is a good ballet inside of him somewhere. Maybe someone else should choose the music (to ensure that it is melodic) and give him a list of all the steps he must use in addition to his own ideas, so that we don't get the same gum to chew over and over again. Then make him drink a glass of giggly-juice before he starts to choreograph.

Haglund is rooting for Martins in the choreography arena. There's a good ballet in him somewhere – but he's running out of time.

- Haglund

I love how positive you are, and I do agree with you! I, too, think Peter has a good ballet in there somewhere. I remember seeing the debut of "Calcium White Lights" (seems like 100 years ago! I'm 52) and absolutely loving it! And a couple of other of Peter's ballets have grown on me over the years.

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