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December 12, 2009


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What a gross underestimation of New York audiences. I've never been to New York and have never seen ABT live, but if this is the way the management is, it's very disappointing and anti-progressive.

There is a libretto after all...what's not to understand? Or what about the fact that Sir MacMillan's choreography TELLS the story?

Time for new management. From what I've read online, ABT's Met season has been very unimaginitive. Mayerling could have been a shot in the arm.

Here's something interesting though...SUPPOSEDLY, Mayerling will play in (select?) movie theaters, and tomorrow is the release date...but as far as I've been able to find, no theater has actual movie times, so despite what the web says, it's probably not happening.


So close, yet so far.

It's not the NY audience that won't understand Mayerling but the NY critics who don't like any Macmillan choreography.

Hi Jose. You are right, and Haglund hopes that Lady Deborah MacMillan reads your comment. Most of the critics in this city who like to "diss" or roll their tired eyes at MacMillan do so just for the purpose of promoting Balanchine and the Mr. B-Wanna-Bes to the masses. It is a significant failing on our part that a major U.S. ballet company does not carry Mayerling in its repertory. We should be embarrassed.

- Haglund

Hello, Youdancefunny. Haglund could not find any show dates on this new film either. Maybe the release has been postponed until all the hoopla about the Paris Opera Ballet film sort of settles down – that's 100% speculation. Can't wait to see it. If you hear any more about its release, please share it here.

With regard to your other comments – perhaps ABT believes that there is a huge financial risk in presenting a program with dark adult themes. But, marketed as such would drive its own interest and could bring serious theater people who wouldn't normally go to the ballet into our sticky web. And of course, once you let it be known that it's not for kids, they'll be there in full force.

- Haglund

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