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February 23, 2010


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Have to say I never understood Wheeldon's comments about how ballet doesn't have to be pink and frilly and such. Um, doesn't he realize that some of us were raised on NYCB? Does he think that Apollo and Episodes were danced in pink tutus?

I wish him well but those comments were both ignorant and offputting.

Hi Diana. I think you just echoed the feelings of many others.

Further (I may be repeating myself here, but so what?), raised on Balanchine though I might have been, I would have welcomed a fresh new choreographic talent that went in the completely opposite direction: towards drama, plots, and character. When you've seen "zig" so long, give me "zag."

And it didn't have to be done in pink. The deep gray that Sasha Cohen wore at nationals was breathtaking. Too bad she fell on her tuchus.

Quite agree.

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