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March 02, 2010


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I have a concern about that kind of issue with ABT.

I have a concern about that kind of issue with ABT,too.

Thank you for your comment. Haglund thought there might be others out there who share his concern.

Haglund, I have to appreciate how you are always saying exactly what I'm thinking with regard to ABT's casting. Thank god, someone is! Beautiful clip of Cornejo.

Thanks, K. Appreciate your comment.

It occurred to Haglund that denying a brilliant and accomplished dancer the opportunity to dance Siegfried because he's perceived by some as being too short is only a step or two away from denying someone the opportunity to dance Odette because she is too black. That's not who we are – or at least not who we are supposed to be.

Haglund appreciates the emails he has received from readers who don't wish to post publicly but who are also unhappy with some of the casting trends as ABT.

Please be assured that you may always post here ANONYMOUSLY. If you have any concerns as to how to accomplish that, just email Haglund.

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