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July 11, 2010


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i thought this performance was extremely good too. the thing is, i wanted to see angel corella, so while i'm saddened that i didn't get to see angela corella, i loved diana vishneva and marcelo gomes. then again, if angel danced in this performance, i would have seen the monday performance of marcelo and julie kent.

and you know what, i thought diana vishneva beat osipova. osipova is more of a trickster, and that's where she excels. seeing her afternoon performance made me wonder, frankly, why the audience went wild, but not when xiomara and herman performed last wednesday. david hallberg gave the best "interrupt juliet's friends' dance because i want to strut my stuff while juliet plays the guitar" dance, but by act 3, he was really tired and it showed. xiomara and herman had a great, strong partnership, and were consistent the whole performance.

on the other hand, patrick ogle in osipova afternoon as tybalt, i loved. so handsome!

a nice touch i saw in marcelo's romeo was in act two, when stella was going wild and brandishing the sword, he opened up his arms and knelt, as if to say that he was willing to be killed in exchange for killing sascha.

plus in act two, his hair was all over his face when he was doing his tours en lairs. he needed some gel :P

Oh, yeah, that was a good moment between Marcelo and Stella! Very Shakespearian, wasn't it?!

Obviously Hallberg is benefiting from dancing with someone who helps him release theatrically, but Haglund still doesn't find the Hallberg-Osipova pairing particularly compelling or even attractive. Due to Hallberg's silky, nearly perfect but also delicate lines, he will always look better with a ballerina who is longer in line and slightly exotic with an air of mystery. It almost worked with Vishneva, but she is so overtly glamorous and sensual that it seemed almost too much for Hallberg.

ha, now i know why stella was so upset when marcelo killed sascha -- she's married to sascha in real life!!

Yep, but they rarely get to dance together. Their performances in Othello and The Leaves Are Fading were very memorable.

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