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October 29, 2010


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Oh dear I feel like I have egg on my face...I made nearly that exact comment on BT and come here a few hours later to see you had already said the same thing! Great (sarcastic?) minds think alike?

Not really sarcasm. I really hope this works out for Stiefel. However, if he bails on the Royal New Zealand Ballet after a short time like he did at Ballet Pacifica and NCSA, it would make him look rather insincere, if not flaky.

In this era of globalization, it's a smart move on Murphy's part to initiate a career of more meaningful opportunities with selective partners. She won't have to do things like Azure Barton's One of Three with you-know-who. She might get to do Giselle or Manon elsewhere. She might turn up as a guest at NYCB - wouldn't that be great!

now i'm confused! i thought that his reason for resigning from the deanship was to focus on his dancing! but ethan is taking gillian, so that means he is committing to this one? and what about his dancing?

hmm and i guess this means ABT will have two new male principals soon, and at least one female principal? i wonder if cory is in the running? does it snow in alaska?

Who knows. Maybe Gillian going to NZ is what clinched the deal for him. For the past few years, he's been hop-stopping through artistic administrator jobs while really not doing any meaningful amounts of performing - in part due to injury. Nor has his dancing been in top form. It's important that he make this opportunity work.

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