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June 17, 2011


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You liked him in white tights in Don Quixote!


I believe you when you say he was miscast as Franz, but are you sure you aren't letting your frustration with ABT's guest-artist addiction (and don't get me wrong, I'm with you 100 percent on that) cloud your objectivity?

The 20+ foot screen at the Big Cinema movie theater did quite a lot for Vasiliev's legs.

ABT's guest artist addiction and its unwillingness or inability to promote its own artists go hand-in-hand. But last night was a clear disappointment in terms of ballet from a guest artist. Can you imagine the joy if ABT had invited Joaquin De Luz back as a guest artist in Coppelia or one of the other more classically influenced NYCB men? There wouldn't have been an empty seat in the house. Instead of Semionova as Kitri, why not invite Bouder? NYCB has invited ABT guests before. It's less costly, more convenient, and ensures crossover interest among audiences.

Vasiliev has a lot of power but he doesn't often temper it with elegance or discretion. I've seen him live a few times now and it's true, he dances big--bigger than many out there today-and can be exciting, but it feels hollow to me (similar to my feelings about Osipova). He needs more coaching and experience to turn that raw ability into artistry. A good way to go about this would be casting him in roles that force him to tone it down and work on his "weaknesses"--think of the way and reasons why Martins cast Ashley Bouder in Emeralds. Though, that's the Bolshoi's place, not ABTs and requires reconditioning of both audience and dancer expectations.

Agree, K. One cannot plow through Coppelia like it's Spartacus.

*Joaquin de Luz dances with New York City Ballet now.

Hi Alexandra. Thanks for stopping by Haglund's Heel. My point about de Luz probably wasn't made with the greatest clarity - sorry. Yes, he is with NYCB.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts of Friday's show....in short never before have I missed Ethan Stiefel and ANY ABT female principal so much in my life.

I skipped the Barnum & Bailey and went to watch the Danes in La Sylphide - such beauty!

Haglund, I agree with you 100% once again. While watching Vasiliev last night, I had two thoughts: 1) why is this so sloppy? and 2) why couldn't they get one of the other ABT men to play Franz? Ugh.

Thankfully, Reyes was a pleasure to watch, as usual. Bravo to her for dealing admirably with a string of guest artists as replacement partners. I hope Cornejo recovers soon.

Totally agree.

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