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June 08, 2011


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I am still out of the country(Prague) and miss all the excitement but reading your reviews is like being there.
Mayerling ?do you want another hussy fit from Alaistair?

So sorry you're missing the season. While it may not be anywhere close to the best seasons of years past, artists like Marcelo Gomes make it totally worth it.

"Mayerling" would send Alastair over the edge and fill the seats at the Met at the same time. Who could ask for more?

I just noticed that Veronika Part and Eric Tamm will dance Wednesday night as Manon and Les Grieux in place of Murphy and Hoven/Hallberg.

Oh I wish I saw this one instead of saturdays matinee! Glad to hear part and tamm sorted it out!
I still think they should bring back OThello for Marcelo and....Stella!

I was thinking a lot about Othello while watching Millepied's piece the first night of the rep program when Gomes and Radetsky were engaged in some of the same type of choreography as Lubovich created for his ballet. Yes, Marcelo & Stella would be a great pairing and it would make Radetsky's Iago all the more delicious.

Ooooh, that's right. And I love Sascha as Iago so it would give him something to do also.

If ABT never does Mayerling, can't the Royal get Gomes over to London to guest the next time they do it? That ballet has him written all over it.

LKR, thanks for stopping by H.H.

A year or two ago, Lady MacMillan was kind enough to comment on this blog that she would love ABT to do "Mayerling" but ABT told her that the New York audience wouldn't understand it. Can you imagine?! Yes, of course, the Royal Ballet could invite Gomes to do Mayerling, but the R.B. has its own selection of fine Crown Prince Rudolf's. However, I don't believe they have anything quite as Mukhamedov-ish as Gomes. I think I would cross the Atlantic to see it.

Oh, I would too! Among the Royal Ballet Rudolphs, the only ones I've seen are Carlos Acosta, Irek Mukhamedov, and Edward Watson. Certainly Mukhamedov was the definitive interpreter of the role for me among the three, and I say this having only viewed his Rudolph on tape. I saw Watson's debut and liked him also, although Acosta's Rudolph, however technically strong, was quite bland.

The tape of Mukhamedov's Mayerling I must have watched 1000 times before ever seeing the ballet live. Yet when I finally saw the ballet I felt like I had never seen it before. That's the genius of MacMillan's choreography: it surprises you even when you know what's coming. And I feel Mr. Gomes would bring out that aspect of MacMillan's work to full effect in this ballet.

Totally agree with you, and I think Lady MacMillan would be most pleased by Marcelo's ability to bring so much depth to Rudolf's characterization. It is a shame that no one has brought this work and this artist together yet.

This is quite a belated reply, but I totally agree with you that you never want to miss Vishneva and Gomes, and especially when they KILL it like they did last week. I convinced a bunch of my friends—many of them new to ballet—to go see it, and they all loved it!

I am very intrigued by your world premiere idea with Marcelo and “Vishnopatra”! Brilliant! :) And that also reminds me of the “Madame X” project Vishneva is doing with Gomes—I might have to figure out a way to get to Orange County to check that out myself!

Did you hear about the gala performance Vishneva is giving at the Mariinsky next week?

Apparently she is dancing a pas de deux from “Lady of the Camellias” with Bolle, and I fear it just won’t be the same…sigh…

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