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June 12, 2011


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Great! . We're back in town and will be seeing this cast on Wednesday. Can't wait.
Hmm..... it seems like you are forgiving Cory for all of his previous performances.

Hi Jose. It's great to hear that you will be able to catch the final performance. Stearns is not out of the H.H. Doghouse yet –– the Bright Stream is far from Swan Lake, although it is very enjoyable.

Well I've seen every performance of BRIGHT STREAM at the MET this week. Love the ballet and the casts have been superb. But you missed the best performance: Osipova, Reyes, Vasiliev and Simkin were AMAZING. I'm usually with you on the whole "guest artist" things but Osipova and Vasiliev are extraordinary dancers and I hope ABT develops a long-term relationship with them. Don't hate me....

Hi Dave. I won't hate you LOL. I've seen Osipova and Vasiliev enough to know what they bring to the table and what they don't. I think that ABT is working hard on the long-term relationship thing and you'll probably get your wish. The company is in a desperate situation now due to its neglect in developing its in-house talent. That's why there should be a big management clean-out.

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