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June 15, 2011


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I pretty much agree with you - still processing my own thoughts before I blog my review...there was a lot going on in that performance right now. I also thought the girl in yellow - who I'm 99% sure was Gudrun Bojesen - was a standout in Napoli.

I also really spent most of the Elo wishing that the tutus were a color like a bright carmine red with no frills and the guys were dancing in white t-shirts and plain black pants. I think that might have made the piece so much more watchable and the choreography interesting. I did like Tim Matiakis a lot in the piece though. Such long arms for a shorter dancer - the opposite of Vasiliev!

I think that perhaps there was supposed to be a little more humor and a little less creepiness in the ballet master's character in The Lesson. It seems like it was an Absurdist tragi-comedy where the comedy didn't really come through. However, I am now keen on seeing Kobborg as Crown Prince Rudolf in Mayerling one day.

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