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June 06, 2011


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The arts never seem to learn...it's better to have someone who comes multiple times a week for less money per ticket than to have a casual fan who comes only once a season and splurges on prime orchestra seats.

Maybe they will re-think this one.

Hi Haglund,

Of course you've heard the shocker news about NYC Opera leaving Lincoln Center. (OK, maybe it wasn't a shocker to you, you know everything!, but it was to me.)

It made me wonder whether NYCB is on thin ice.

What do you think?

Hi again - forgive me if you've seen or posted this but I just found this:


The numbers look frankly terrible.

Diana, it's so good to hear from you!

Whether or not NYCB is on thin ice, their public position will always be that they ARE. If they can afford $723,000 for Martins, $370,000 for a general manager, $285,000 for a CFO, $320,000 for a musical director, $289,000 for a marketing director, $286,000 for an orchestra manager, $269,000 for a development director - all figures taken from the last Tax Form 990 - then, they're not on thin ice. Those are grossly overpaid employees when compared to what the positions in their peer group make. ABT's McKenzie got $282K per the last Form 990. He wouldn't qualify within the Top 6 of NYCB's salaries.

Obviously, you've hit my hot button, Diana. There's a lot that could and should be cut from NYCB's top administrative and AD salaries, especially when the incumbents are performing so terribly. They were in the red by $4.8 million according to the last filing, and yet they ponied up $723,000 for Martins. He's in charge, and he's not getting people in the seats and not getting the required donations. Regardless of the economy's part in all of it, he's not getting the job done, and he shouldn't be paid as though he WERE getting the job done.

Nice to hear from you, Diana. Hope you are doing well.


I agree with you that the current mgmt is not getting it done and is overpaid. But nothing is going to change. But it can't keep going on this way.

In my dreams Eddie Vilella (I think I am missing an L somewhere...) runs the company and Farrell runs the school. But I don't think that'll happen. Eddie's already in his 70s and Suzanne is happy where she is.

And it ain't gonna happen anyway.

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