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July 13, 2011


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No Mariinsky tix at the Rubenstein for Thursday night. Next likely opportunity will be for Sat matinee of LHH.

When I asked whether the tix for yesterday and Tues came from LCF or the Met, the box office person said that it appeared that the LC "powers that be" did some arm twisting of the Met officials in order to get the tix released to the Rubenstein atrium.

What is wrong with those people at the Met? At this very moment, you can buy tickets in Row X (12, 14, etc.) through the LCF website for $125 each whereas the Met has now hiked up its orchestra seats (best avail is Row U 14, 16 etc) to $175 each.

Maybe we should all rethink whether or not to go to the opera this coming season.

The Met calls this "dynamic pricing."

LOL. I call it "grabbing at the wallet."

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