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July 14, 2011


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Hi Haglund,
Love your blog. I still read it faithfully. I hope you are enjoying our Yanks even though they are 1.5 games out of first (lose Red Sox lose! They are on ESPN tonight). I go to a lot of games (have partial season tickets) but
not sure I'll renew again next year. They are just so pricey! (great seats though. Field level. 3rd base. I guess I should just downgrade!). Go Yanks!

Anyway, I was really happy to read that Paul Taylor is relocating to the NY State Theatre. I go to at least 6 performances (I love them!) but do not love City Center. I know it's being renovated, but I can't imagine it will be as nice inside as the NY State Theatre (the pricing scheme for NYCB is another discussion. I do think they will revisit this disaster in a year or so).

Went to several Mariinsky performances. I love the company (I've only seen them in London before) but only loved "Horsey" (loved the dancers in all of the ballets). I also schlepped up to SPAC late last week to see NYCB (mat and evening on Thursday). Sara Mearns in "Diamonds" was simply stunning! (as always); so was Ashley in "Rubies" (and Maria in Agon etc.). All of the dancers looked great in everything. That said, that stage is so much smaller, and with the humidity up there, there are always puddles. Several dancers were replaced (yes, more injuries. Ugh).

Glad, also, that you posted about Chase and Anthony's promotions. I was so happy for them -- especially Anthony (a sweetie). I was pretty convinced that Lauren King would finally get promoted (as she should!) but I still have hope for the fall . They have a bunch of young dancers on the fast track now (young corps folks), as you know.

Have a good week! I'm off to London tomorrow for a week. Unfortunately the Royal (I love them so) isn't in season, but will see them in November in London (I go for business but tie in ballet and lots of theatre).


Great to hear from you! I was hoping Lauren King would "go soloist" too, but I can also see how it might be a bit soon. Given her theatrical ability, I expect/hope to see her featured in Ocean's Kingdom.

What is killing me is that Rebecca Krohn has not been promoted. True she had an injury setback; so maybe this will be her year. As far as I'm concerned, she and Ana Sophia Scheller are ready to be booted to the top. What would be so cool about that is that they are such different dancers and it would show a more flexible appreciation for the talent within the company. Rebecca's pictures in the current brochure are mind-boggling beautiful!

I felt the Yanks gain steam when DJ hit his 3000th. He knows there aren't many more chances for him to win another WS, and I think he wants another one really badly. 2011 IS IN OUR CARDS, YES IT IS!!

I do think Ana Sophia will be promoted in the next year. I also hope that Becky gets promoted soon (as you probably know, she just married Adam Hendrickson. They are the sweetest couple! Megan and Andy are getting married in just a couple of weeks. And Maria K is getting married in August. Finally, Amar is getting married in October. So many weddings!).

NYCB is just so top heavy. But with Chuck retiring in October that will leave an opening for a principal. Ana Sophia, in particular, dances as much as any principal so why no promote her?

Love your enthusiasm for our Yanks! Of course the real problem will be the WS -- getting by the Phillies. They are just too good!!

That's a lot of weddings!!

Balanchine is turning in his grave.

LOL. You're referring to the weddings, not PTD moving into the theater, I presume.

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