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July 20, 2011


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The real question is what is going to happen with Wes Chapman. Wouldn't it be interesting if he got "promoted"???

Nah, they won't promote him - not when they can import a guest ________ (whatever) to do the job.

Where IS that Abrera promotion announcement? WTF is the problem with those people?

That survey over on FB re the most underrated dancers should have included the most "UNDER-APPRECIATED" too.

Cory got promoted in the winter, didn't he? I bet we see a Hammoudi announcement before an Abrera announcement - especially if he's going to do Nutcracker again. He danced twice in the Japan Gala apparently, and I think maybe they're looking at him as a partner for Veronika...

Hammoudi is already better than Stearns in 90% of all meaningful categories. I, too, expect to hear of his promotion sooner than later. But their priorities need to be the ones who deserve the promotions the most. Those soloists need to walk out if promotionS - with a capital S - are not announced quicker than immediately. Much as I love seeing them dance, I don't love it more than I hate seeing them disrespected by McKenzie. He has got to go.


I just checked ABT's site. It looks like all the dancers of ABT II were left on the roadside--no familiar faces. How sad, a few were getting such great reviews.

I totally agree that most of the soloists are under-appreciated (except Daniil). Also, Alexandre is really good and should be promoted! So should Stella! I also don't think Veronika gets to perform enough.

Hmmmmmmm, I wonder--if McKenzie did go, who would run the compay after him? Alexei Ratmansky, Victor Barbee? Ratmansky does appreciate Veronika!

Julie, there are so many great possibilities for new directorship at ABT. My choices would be Corella or Bocca. Angel is probably more ready than Julio and he would be a fantastic match up with Ratmansky. Maybe that's one reason we're not seeing much of Angel. Too much of a threat??

You're right, Haglund. ABT does have many possibilities. But I go for Ratmansky!

I cast my vote for Ratmansky, in no small part because he appreciates Veronika and Stella. But I doubt Ratmansky would want it just yet. Maybe later on, when he has left us a legacy of ballets.

And yes, Veronika should be dancing MUCH more. How terrifying to have only one Swan Lake a year to prove yourself. I don't know how she manages to sleep the night before.

I think Ratmansky has expressed his desire not to direct a company for a while and to devote his energy to the creative process. That's the only reason he didn't top my list for a new AD at ABT. I don't think anyone can effectively be ABT's director and a choreographer at the same time. So, I'd vote for him to keep making ballets for a while, at least. And I do think that he and Corella would be a great team.

Veronika WOULD be dancing much more if McKenzie would stop giving away precious performing opportunities to guest artists who are not as good as Veronika - and for that matter, not as good as many other ABT dancers who truly deserve the opportunities.

Yeah, this has been the season of guest artists. "So...X is injured. Well, let's call in a guest artist!"

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