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August 15, 2011


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Dear Haglund, Thank goodness you're there to blow the whistle on this, although in my interactions with the administration at ABT, it seems that money talks there as well, especially with their new so-called "dynamic pricing." You would think that these ballet companies that are not filling the seats would make every effort to recruit new audience members. ABT does this with its special pricing for people under 30. How about special pricing for seniors? The concentration of wealth in this country is taking its toll everywhere.

Hi, Angelica. The NYCB online ticket mechanism is working a little more fairly tonight. There are tickets in rows F & H of the fourth ring for single ticket buyers if you just continually add single purchases to the shopping cart after the system deals you a seat or two in Row O. You can hold up to 14 tickets in the shopping cart at one time. Who knows what tomorrow will bring - probably more idiocy. LOL.

I'll agree that these companies are really missing the boat by not reaching out to seniors with special ticket offers.

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