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August 15, 2011


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Natalia Makarova (who created the role in Other Dances) is noticeably absent. Any insights on that?

Very keen observation, Julie. My pure guess would be that since she was never a member of NYCB, she may not have fit within the scope of the award which was to honor 26 "NYCB ballerinas." Just my guess, though.

Hi Haglund, Do you know whether there will be a performance associated with the presentation of the awards?

It's a regular performance evening (all Robbins) and the awards will be made between the second and third ballets. Pictures of each ballerina will be shown on a screen as her name is called and she crosses the stage. The Robbins Foundation publicist confirmed that all of the living ballerinas, including Ms. Farrell, have confirmed attendance. It is going to be CRAZY BEDLAM in the HOUSE OF BALANCHINE that night.

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