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August 08, 2011


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I received my "Society NYCB" letter over the weekend. As a 20-year Fourth Ring Society member, I can't tell you how disappointed I am. So how will this work exactly? Every Monday, will long lines form for that week's batch of tickets? And when those tickets are gone, is that it--no more tickets will be available?? I'd love to know who thought up this crazy idea. It smacks of desperation to me. I really and truly hope that NYC Ballet doesn't end up like NYC Opera.

I just re-read you post. Back of the "bus" is right!!! I can't believe that NYCB's management would treat some of its most loyal patrons with such disrespect.

Hi B. Desperation is right! Every pricing scheme they have come up with will, without a doubt, FAIL and they will try to blame it on the economy - while paying their new Executive Director Katherine Brown in the neighborhood of a half million dollars in salary and benefits.

Keep writing and keep calling to complain. Keep telling them when you have chosen NOT to attend a performance because of prices or seating. Keep telling them when you have been dissatisfied with a seat purchased through the new Society. Here are some addresses:


The email address convention is fairly easy to figure out. You can probably reach any person in the administration by following it. I recommend filling up their mailboxes with anger and outrage.

Hey, think how lucky you guys are: I don't even live in or near New York, and haven't had the chance to even see NYCB! I'm green with envy!

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