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September 20, 2011


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Would those six include maybe Stella, Sascha, Jared, Sarah and...?? Hammoudi is dancing more principal parts than Sasha these days, since he's tall enough for Veronika...

Add Maria Riccetto and Simkin to your list. Oh, and I forgot – we need a new AD and a new marketing executive.

The ABT ship is taking on water and sinking while McKenzie is busy mopping up water instead of trying to plug the leaky hole and fix the ship. He's got to go.

I didn't want to sound like a broken record on the McKenzie front. My only reason for not wanting Maria is I'd like Jared to get to dance with someone else sometimes and I fear if they go up together that's never going to happen. But she's lovely.

Jared looked fab with Vishneva a couple of seasons back in the Ashton. He looked great with Stella when they did Espada & Mercedes, and of course in the grand pdd on SYTYCD with Yuriko. A new director would immediately see his wide-ranging skills, but with the current situation . . . I don't know.

What????? How can I follow ABT anymore??????

You should have seen Jared and Yuriko's white swan pdd at that little event I went to. Glorious (though her arms are still a little scary skinny). I like him with Vishneva too - and I think he and Marcelo are really the only ones who can handle her. LOVE him as Espada with Stella too. How about a Stella/Jared evening performance Giselle this year!!

A Stella/Jared Giselle would be great! You can bet that he'd make those iconic lifts. Do you remember how he pressed Vishneva over his head?!

Julie, that's a good question for ABT Chairman Donald Kramer. I don't know his address, and I suspect that if you send it to ABT it will get intercepted. But anyway, it's a good question.

Don't forget Misty Copeland. She'll be one of the women dancing the lead in Ratmansky's "Firebird." And nobody has worked harder to build her fan base and expose new audiences to ballet. Nobody.

Actually, I think a case can be made for promoting just about all the soloists.

Gillian Murphy as Giselle?? I'm all for artistic growth and opportunities...but I have a hard time envisioning this one.

On another note: I wonder how Fateev at the Mariinsky feels about this; he had clearly been courting Hallberg for something as well, what with bringing him to London on tour this summer. Another male dancer lost by the Mariinsky to the Bolshoi. ABT ain't the only company with roster problems!

Hi PCL. Misty is indeed working very hard and let's hope that the "Firebird" is her breakthrough and that ABT does not permit the "O" factor to Overshadow Misty and Isabella during the premiere week in Orange County.

Hi K. Maybe if Gillian has an opportunity to work on Giselle at a thoughtful pace with a good coach, away from the glaring spotlight of NYC, she might well surprise everyone.

Yeah, it was a surprise that Hallberg went to the Bolshoi instead of the Mariinsky. I think it's inevitable that he'll do a stint there as well and probably at the Royal Ballet. I hope he gets the artistic guidance that he is obviously searching for.

And I guess that answers your question as to why Hallberg wasn't in the brochure for the Fall season.

Yep, and we'll soon see to what extent he is in the spring Met Season brochure.

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