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September 19, 2011


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Haglund, I thought the review had a positive tone to it even though there were some jabs. It actually brightened my day--not reading a nasty Alastair Macaulay review!

Hi Julie.

Agree that the Times' review had a positive tone, but I think AM's nasty influence was present as well.

Buttering up to Mr. Macaulay? "Ahem, I'd love this job!"

You're probably right. It is so sad when the Times hires a writer whose expertise lies in tap dancing to write a ballet review of one of the two greatest ballet companies in this country.

I remember famously when Marco Pierre White, several years after receiving his third michelin star, simply gave them back, stating that he was tired of being judged by critics who lacked his worth ethic, talent, and ultimately simply knew less than he. Sometimes, I wish as artists we could do the same.


only today did i find out about macaulay's shocking comments on jenifer ringer and tyler angle's nutcracker. i'm surprised that he is still with nytimes!!

Yes, the situation was an example of dance criticism at its worst and had a hideous and harmful effect on all of ballet. But the New York Times would rather "make" news than report on it which is why Macaulay, Judith Miller, and Jayson Blair all have thrived in its culture.

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