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September 17, 2011


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in new york for a short while and i caught this performance!! and also swan lake the day after with andrew vyette and ashley bouder. i really love ashley bouder now!! and i think i appreciated nycb's swan lake more this year, than when i first saw it last year. i have a question though -- i saw the performance from the fourth ring and didn't quite see the faces of the performers. for instance you mentioned that robert fairchild has handsome features. i did not see that at all from up in the fourth ring! are you able to see their faces from the fourth ring? so you actually went from the second ring to the fourth ring? i think i would have loved to see the show from the second ring!

Hi Michael! It's great that you got back to NYC for a few performances.

Most of the second ring is under a rather low hanging ceiling. The view of the stage is clear and not far from eye level. But the sensation is one of extreme crampness where you hear every little whisper and respiratory noise, smell everyone's perfume and aftershave and what they had for dinner, and it basically feels like you're sitting in the back seat of a car with two other people. But the view is nice.

I could see the dancers' features from the lower 4th ring, but I also had a pair of opera glasses.

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