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October 11, 2011


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haha, i've been waiting for Bard casting as i have tickets for sunday- alas, on that day every piece is only listed as "company". guess i'll have to wait and be surprised!

I had my eye on the Sat. night and Sun. Bard performances, but then Nina Ananiashvili announced her Sat. night performance at AFH. Without ABT casting info, I wasn't going to risk investing in the trip and also risk missing Nina. I'm sure Sunday will be good. ABT needs to get a few performances of In the Upper Room under its belt before City Center. They've lost a lot of the guys who made that piece rock a few years ago and gave it a New York edge. I don't want to see ITUR as a refined ballet which I'm afraid could happen.

I really hate it when they list it as "company". Surely, typing a few more names is not that time consuming . Such a disrespect to the public and dancers.

So true.

LOL. Reyneris Reyes just lost his chance to dance Kitri in Oman.

Yay! Blaine Hoven is finally getting his chance! =)

Nice, isn't it!

haha, i held out as long as i could for casting but wanted to sit in front & seats were selling so i chose sunday for convenience (plus it's my b-day!). so... abt front and center on my b-day will pretty much rock no matter who's dancing.

You'll have a blast.

no doubt :)

This just in, looks like Adrienne Schulte (who underestimated her talent not being sure she'd get to be on stage much at City Center only starting back at ABT at the end of September) might be dancing meaty roles in both Duets and Black Tuesday - I think both with Sean Stewart. Faith in humanity partially restored! Let's hope I get to see it!

If you know the dates, let me know.

Based on my intel, I'm told Jared Matthews is dancing Duets Wednesday/Sat Mat and Upper Room Friday/Saturday nights at City Center. Yay!
Still working on finding out when Adrienne is on, and I'm really hoping I get to see Simone in the Volpi piece but I'm only seeing it once so I'll be sad if it's not her cast!

Thanks much for the scoop on Jared. He will be sorely needed in Upper Room (ditto for Cornejo, Radetsky, Hoven)to give it the sharp edges that make it so thrilling. Excited to see this piece again. Sorry that Stiefel's not part of it.

My intel for the new Volpi piece – from someone with the very highest security clearance – indicates that there will be GUEST ARTISTS opening night. BEYONCE is going to swoop in to perform the first night – because she's really familiar with some of the choreography – along with Maks Chmerkovskiy from DWTS. :-) Can't wait for that.

LOL. I used to take lessons at Maks's studio randomly, he's a nice guy. Though reality-wise, really as long as I get to see Simone Messmer's cast of the Volpi I don't actually care who else is in it - though I still can't figure out if that will be the case.

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