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October 01, 2011


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It would be great if some forward thinking news organization was there to snap some pictures of all of these extraordinary women together onstage!! Let's hope.

Hopefully someone either officially or unofficially videoed it.

Please let us know when you find out. Thanks!

I was there on Friday night. The dancers came on stage, which was nice to see. However, it could/should have been a lot more exciting. I can't understand why NYCB didn't promote the event. The only reason I knew about it was because of your blog post, Haglund (back in August, I think). All those empty seats... what a waste! If NYCB had promoted the evening, every single seat certainly would have been filled. It simply makes no sense to me. Are the people running NYCB asleep at the switch??

I agree with you. Maybe the lack of promotion of the event had to do with NYCB not completely controlling the presentations. Had they done so, and had Peter Martins been anywhere near the stage, it's possible that some of the recipients might not have shown up. I don't think that we will ever get the reconciliations that we so hope for.

The evening was outstanding! It was intense to see these successive generations of ballerinas who have each inspired younger ones meet on stage at the same time.
They have inspired a genius and been inspired by him. Many years later they were publically recognized and honored and they seemed very moved by this aknowledgement of their unique talent and contribution to the art of dance. The presentation was sober and heartfelt, just what Jerry would have liked. His presence on the screen warmly embraced the sceene and made him present for everyone who knew him.

Hi N. Yes, the evening was a wonderful tribute and one that will be remembered for a long time.

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