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November 15, 2011


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Hi Haglund, Thank you for posting this. Do you think anyone at ABT is reading these reviews?

Probably not. ABT is completely clueless as to what an extraordinary dancer Stella is.

Maybe someone (hint, hint) should send them the links.

Hi Haglund,

I enjoy reading your honest, edgy reviews.

By the way, I believe Stella Abrera has battled injuries over the past several years and it's remarkable that ABT has been able to highlight her as much as they have. I seem to recall that a couple of seasons ago they announced her as Giselle in their subscription brochure, then she got injured.

In fact, my impression of ABT over the past decade is that while their productions have not been uniformly spectacular or innovative, their casting and the opportunities they've given individual dancers have been brilliant.

p.s. - I am rooting for Osipova and Vasiliev to have a change of heart and leap over the Atlantic Ocean to ABT where they would have the best of both the classical and the modern worlds. (We can dream, can't we?)

Hi Jane. Thanks for stopping by H.H.

It's true that many fine ABT dancers have incurred injuries. However, that's not an excuse for writing them off for future leading principal opportunities.

Osipova and Vasiliev left the Bolshoi in part because they have been typecast out of classical roles which the Bolshoi deemed unsuited for them. Kevin McKenzie typecasts dancers out of many classical roles, except when it comes to guest artists like Osipova who he spent gobs of money preparing for a Sleeping Beauty with sub-marginal results. The Bolshoi won't let her dance Sleeping Beauty - for good reason.

My hope is that we see LESS of both of them and more of our own supremely talented dancers who are as good and in many cases better than O&V. O&V's stardom seems to be brighter on the international circuit than at home due to media saturation. They were unsuccessful in persuading the Bolshoi that they are the company's most important assets and indispensable. Frankly, I look forward to seeing more of Alexandrova when the company comes to the U.S.

Beautiful photo! Thanks for posting Haglund. Wish we could get a youtube rehearsal video or something.

Me, too.

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