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December 08, 2011


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OK, so I know you're really not a fan of N. Osipova, because of how ABT favors fancy guest artists instead of it's own talent. I totally agree with you! But I just can't get over this Russian television show she's on, and I really want to talk about it with someone:


And also this one:


Can you believe this?? I guess I'm just a really sheltered ballet fan.

Hi, A. Let's move these into a new post and see what happens. LOL.

So I just learned the show, "Bolero," pairs ballerinas with figure skaters. Evgenia Obratzsova, Yulia Makhalina, and Ekaterina Krysanova are also contestants. I'm guessing the show isn't really a Russian "Dancing with the Stars" because couples aren't eliminated each week, although they're all scored (very highly) by a panel. I noticed Vladimir Vasiliev is one of the judges. At first I thought it was the tackiest, most Euro-trashiest thing I'd ever seen, but I keep watching and watching. And now I'm obsessed.

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