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December 11, 2011


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OK, so I know you're really not a fan of N. Osipova, because of how ABT favors fancy guest artists instead of it's own talent. I totally agree with you! But I just can't get over this Russian television show she's on, and I really want to talk about it with someone:


And also this one:


Can you believe this?? I guess I'm just a really sheltered ballet fan.

So I just learned the show, "Bolero," pairs ballerinas with figure skaters. Evgenia Obratzsova, Yulia Makhalina, and Ekaterina Krysanova are also contestants. I'm guessing the show isn't really a Russian "Dancing with the Stars" because couples aren't eliminated each week, although they're all scored (very highly) by a panel. I noticed Vladimir Vasiliev is one of the judges. At first I thought it was the tackiest, most Euro-trashiest thing I'd ever seen, but I keep watching and watching. And now I'm obsessed.

"A" - you must be drinking by now. I know I am.

She's giving Anastasia Volochkova a run for the money when it comes to tasteless acts. How did we ever miss out on getting Volochkova as an ABT guest artist?

This reminds me of the hideous "Reflections" program that Osipova, et al. premiered at the Orange County Performing Arts Center in February 2010. http://www.ardani.com/news-reflection.php

I sat through it twice and it was truly painful to watch. Americans considered it "kitsch" while the Russians reportedly thought it too extreme a deviation from classical dance. But you can see how Russian dancers think this stuff is "cutting edge" and contemporary, because they haven't worked with credible choreographers.

My mistake: it was February 2011. Several YouTube clips are available. Here's one:

All I can think of is dear, sweet David Hallberg's comment that she and her husband were leaving the Bolshoi to expand their artistic opportunities. Now he will be dancing with her during ABT's spring season. I think that with everything going on in his life, including the judgmental comments of his Bolshoi peers when he sprained his ankle, he may finally lose his innocence, alas.

What judgmental comments? I'm curious about what happened after reading Tsiskaridze slamming Filin for hiring Hallberg.

Julie, that's so true.

Sheesh, how tacky! She left the Bolhoi for this?? Is this what she considers "artistic freedom"? Disgusting!

Just to clarify, we have two participants named Julie on this particular comment thread. Julie #1 has the 5th & 6th comments while Julie #2 has the 9th comment directly above this one.

Osipova's recent artistic career decisions seem to suggest that she thinks her present classical shape is as good as it needs to be, and that she's expecting the run of the rep at whatever companies she inhabits. The YouTube video of her debut performance with her new company http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=mWmxiL_tjwU#! shows such bad form, from the turning in of the right foot on the very first step to the general lack of turnout throughout. The gap-mouthed smile, surprise-eyebrows, and cutsy-cutsy demeanor are fairly unattractive as well.

I have to admit I'm pretty addicted to this show. In general, it's tacky as all get out and they give everyone full marks each time, but there are a few surprisingly cool exhibitions of dance. Evgenia Obratzsova, Yulia Makhalina (so good to see her doing anything), Irina Perren, and Natalia Somova (not Alina, though they basically look alike) are, depending on the hokey-ness of the choreography, the best of the bunch and have not done any pole dancing (yet)!!

my retinas burn

We can always hope for a "group" pole dance.

Something that's always bothered me with Osipova is how unarticulated her attitude is. I don't really understand why, perhaps someone can explain it to me. When I saw her in Sleeping Beauty — the ballet the Bolshoi never let her dance — at ABT, I was really struck by this during the Rose Adagio. I guess it just seems this is symptomatic of how she has all these phenomenal tricks in her technique, like turns and jumps, but they aren't really integrated with more basic ballet vocabulary. Anyway, the music is so terrible on this TV show I have stopped watching it (on YouTube). I am no longer an addict! Thank you, Haglund, for posting the videos.

I think you may be noticing the unfortunate shape of her legs. In addition to the lack of turnout at the hip, her lower legs are bowed and thickly muscled, and her feet are inelegantly shaped. It all makes for an unimpressive, workman-like presentation of the attitude position. The YouTube video of her debut as a member of the Mikhailovsky ballet, ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=mWmxiL_tjwU#! ) is very revealing from her first messy step to the final note. I can't think of one woman in ABT from corps on up to principal who has such unattractive lines - or mannerisms.

Thanks for forwarding the links so that we could post the videos.

Oh my lord.

Hip hop may not be high art but it doesn't deserve to be butchered that way.

Hi PortCityLady! We should be thankful that Osipova hasn't added vocals to her "performances" although this saga is a long way from its finish.

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