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January 24, 2012


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Bravo Herman! It's a crime whenever he is kept away from the stage, imo. McKenzie no longer has the "height" excuse to fall back on now that he's letting Simkin debut in the Spring, so what gives? Your most brilliant male dancer left behind? I will never understand.

herman really has some wonderfully sensitive moments here- he's such a classically beautiful dancer in addition to the obvious WOW factor. i just love him.
also a huge thank you to youtube-r adigatti for posting these :D
here's one more short yet gorgeous one- adiarys is breathtaking as well.

Hi K. True about McKenzie being out of excuses for casting Herman as Siegfried, although I'm sure new excuses are being manufactured. Herman may be short, but he is not small or slight and does not look like a very young teenager - all of which are problematic for Daniil. I wish many opportunities for Daniil, but at the moment, casting him as Siegfried will require the audience to employ a willing suspension of disbelief that is not practical.

Thanks Robin for the additional link. Maybe Boston Ballet could invite Herman to be Siegfried either with Adiarys or his sister, Erica. Either would be worth a trip.

it would indeed, tho it would certainly be more convenient if he could just dance it here!

And he can LIFT!
Haglund, do we know whether he will be performing with the Corella Ballet in April?

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