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January 18, 2012


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Hi Haglund,
Happy to report that I was able to enjoy all the above from a 4th Ring Society seat...in the front row of the 4th Ring! Though the late availability of so many seats is perhaps not such a good thing.

Deborah Broide (who works for the Jerome Robbins foundation) reported on Twitter that sadly Kaitlyn Gilliland's final performance with NYCB was on 12/31. She is apparently going to Columbia University, and the best of luck to her, although I'm disappointed not to be able to see her dance again. Deborah also tweeted that Maya Collins left NYCB for Miami City Ballet after the fall season.

Hi, Catchip! Thanks for the update, although I am quite sorry to hear that Kaitlyn has left NYCB.

Curious about the forthrightness of the administration of the 4th Ring Society seats. I have tried on occasion to get a seat and was told that a date I wanted was "blacked out" and then subsequently after a few days when I tried again, I was told that they were all "sold out." Also, when trying by phone close to 10am on a Monday for the next opened week, I was told that there were very few left. How can that be?

Last night from my vantage point on the sucky extreme side of the orchestra, I could see that there were a few people in the basic 4th ring (C & above) but there were hundreds of seats available. NYCB is really biting the hands that feed it. I'm not going to sit in a sucky side seat ("SSS") again.

I agree that it is the uncertainty arising from the mysterious new policy that is annoying - I 'won' last night by calling earlier the same day, but on another night the 4th ring may not be open, the Society allocation sold out or unavailable, and I will be assigned a $30 "SSS" in the second ring (as happened once in the fall). Hoping that by sharing experiences we can get a better idea of when and how to succeed in the seat lottery...

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