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January 07, 2012


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Well I will be in Chicago for the historic event as well - got my tickets and plane tickets all booked this weekend.

And when ABT sent an email about renewing my subscription I politely told them exactly the reasons why I'm not subscribing this year and withholding my donation until I see a change. The short version: I subscribe to ABT to see ABT dancers. So I'll buy my tickets closer to the performances when I know the dancers I want to see actually are dancing. Namely Stella, Jared, Yuriko, Misty, Marcelo, Herman, Sascha, Simone, Julie.....and so many more wonderful home-grown dancers.

(I'm secretly hoping Chicago goes so well that Y&J get one of those April Giselle spots as well)

Hi Rachel. Here's hoping that the April casting for the Norfolk Giselles includes Yuriko w/Jared as well as Stella w/Marcelo or Tamm, and Sarah w/Gorak or Radetsky or Cornejo. That would be worth another trip.

By the way, why hasn't ABT updated Abrera's bio to include her 10+ principal guest performances as Aurora with the Royal New Zealand Ballet? They very recently edited out a sponsorship in the bio, but they couldn't manage to edit in an important professional engagement like starring in Sleeping Beauty for a full month. ABT managed to update the bios of those dancers who just debuted in Nutcracker last month. What is going on there?

I can't wait to read your review of the February 4th La Bayadere. That weekend I will be returning from a ski trip to Colorado. I'm a terrible skier but my husband loves to ski. I'm just hoping I don't "break a leg," whereas I hope that Veronika and Stella do (although maybe I should be extra careful about what I wish for Stella....) Do we really have to see the Vishneva-Osipova cat fight in New York?

Hi Angelica. Stick to the Bunny Hill in Colorado.

I haven't found any casting for Corella Ballet yet. My fingers are crossed that Herman will dance. He did last time. I'm also keeping my eye out for that company's Swan Lake casting in Detroit for the end of April.

Re: Vishneva-Osipova cat fight in NY - I'll be skipping it. Part & Gomes on Opening Night will be my pick along with Abrera's matinee. No need and no value to adding Osipova to a Friday night bill of Gomes and Vishneva. The performance would sell out on its own. Adding Osipova to Onegin is even more ridiculous.

Right. Bunny Hill. I'm not going to Vishneva-Osipova either. No matter what, no matter whom she's partnered by, I cannot forgo Veronika's Swan Lake. We don't get nearly enough opportunity in New York to see Veronika. I think I will add the opening night of Bayadere to my schedule. Thanks for reminding me!

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