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February 07, 2012


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not particularly surprising but natalia & ivan dancing at the opening gala it seems, tho ABT has not listed casting for that either.

A rather sad situation.

Veronika had better be keeping Terpsichore in her rep...her removal as Myrtha in the MET season is very worrying.

I don't get that at all - that is, not casting VP as Myrtha. And don't get me started on how they've knocked back Abrera's schedule to one of this and one of that with too many matinees - and not a single leading principal role.

Bravo Haglund! Maybe Kock will become absorbed in messing with the Met Museum's plaza (see today's Times) and leave ballet alone for a while.

Nice to read: "But the plaza will not be named after him."

Koch is torn between wanting to hate and destroy liberals, and wanting to be loved himself. Like that other coke, he can make us euphoric with his philanthropy while destroying us from the inside out.

His gifts, which are badly needed and truly appreciated, are given with his intent to influence art more than to support it.

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