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February 15, 2012


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ack- don't tempt me.

Excuse me, Mme. Robin, but you MUST go to Herman's master class. Maybe he will sign your ballet slippers while you're wearing them.

very, very tempting but i haven't taken class in the city in many, many years and it will probably be all young skinny gorgeous people & i will be too much in awe of mr. cornejo to do anything but gawk, haha :/

No it won't be. It will be the same wide mix of people who take class at MMAC, Steps, and Bway Dance Center. You need to do this. You need to take Herman's first master class in NYC. I remember taking Gelsey's first class. She was completely overwhelmed by the wide range of talent and untalent that showed up. It was so much fun, and is one of those memories that I wouldn't ever trade for anything.

AAAaaaahhh. maybe :/ ?

Reserve today - think later.

Yes definitely register! Ms. Fogarty said there is plenty of space left in the class, I emailed her about it the other day.

Haglund- I was just browsing through ABT's Met '12 schedule and they've updated some of their casting, including Misty Copeland as Gamzatti (5/24); Devon Teuscher as Myrta (5/18); and Daniil Simkin and Craig Salstein as Puck (6/22 and 6/23), among others. Also they added a couple more pieces to the June 12 program. Should be good!

Hi S.P. - yep, some of it does look enticing except for the fact that I will be skipping the guest artists this year again. The one exception may be Corella's Albrecht. At least, The Dream casting is ABT dancers, for which we can all be thankful. One can, and one will, skip the accompanying offerings that are not all ABT dancers.

ok, it was about 25 or 30 young skinny gorgeous people and me. great. i blast anyway- herman gave a great class & is a total sweetheart.

Truth: They're always older than they look, and they always weigh more than they look.

Glad to hear you went. Maybe Herman will start a semi-regular gig at Steps or elsewhere.

i think they were just all the kids from manhattan youth ballet? i've got a good 20-25 years on the lot of them :/ but it wasn't a difficult class, a nice clean barre & fun center- jump combos especially enjoyable :)
it would be great if he got a regular class, not that i can afford to go into the city for class anyway.
at any rate, thanks for the heads up & encouragement- i'm glad i went despite the young-uns!

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