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February 13, 2012


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Yes, we've GOT to see it at the Met this Spring, even if they have to dance on the plaza!

beautiful- thanks for posting haglund.
(and a new look for vonR- thought he looked like darth vader in the adiarys/herman clips)

I'm hoping that some good sized clips of the performance find their way to YouTube pretty soon.

You and me both.

Well, while we're waiting around for it, here's some vid of the final 5 minutes of Herman's and Adiarys' Swan Lake.


I must warn you, however, that Herman dies at the end.

It looks like there wasn't sufficient room on the stage for a tragedy-sized cliff from which to jump.

Hahaha, thanks for the warning ;)

I've seen it- vonR's costume rather makes me want to shout "use the force, herman!" And yeah, the cliff looks a bit of a challenge to navagate but i love it all nonetheless!

vonR looks like something out of The Ring Cycle.

Yup, just needs an eye patch.

First, I need to say that I love these pictures and am so happy for Sarah Lane, Angel Corella & the Spanish audience. What a treat! Wish they'd perform this in NY!

as an insignificant side note: I prefer Sigfried in white! It doesn't really make sense to have him in black (although I understand that many men prefer black tights). With all the dark backdrops and sets, black tights make it more difficult to see what's going on! The dancer almost disappears (especially on film/photos)

Totally agree with preferring white tights. While white tights make the legs look longer and thinner, they also make the butts look bigger - a sensitive issue. If you made Siegfried's coat a bit longer, maybe white tights would be worn by all (or most) without hesitation.

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