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March 26, 2012


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Thanks for this excellent review, just reading it was enough to almost make me cry.

You're very welcome. Sorry it took me so long to get it posted. Just edited in the paragraph on Jared's brises.

Hi Haglund, Reading your excellent review again, I thought I had missed a whole paragraph the first time! So glad you added that in, because I'm always disappointed when Albrecht does those boring entrechat sixes. What a great review! I could practically see Yuriko and Jared in my mind's eye. In the unlikely event that Stella is cast in Virginia, perhaps you'd like a traveling companion. I could be your ladies maid, like Anna on Downton Abbey.

No, that wouldn't work at all. I'd have to be your valet, like Bates.

Hi Angelica. Don't know why ABT is holding back on that Norfolk casting of Giselle when they've already announced tour casting for Giselle NEXT JULY. Maybe they don't want anyone to buy tickets. Also, it seems they want people to start buying single tickets next Sunday without listing the principal women cast in Apollo. They must have at least 9 guest artists lined up for Apollo's muses with more guest artists lined up as understudies.

Let's all start calling them tomorrow! 212-477-3030 hit 0, ask for "casting".

"These entrechats should barely be off the ground, even accented into the floor instead of up would be preferable, and they should be a furious flurry with the face down"

Haglund, reading this description reminded me of this video of Isabelle Guerin's, she did it so fast it left me breathless


Hi, Al! Thanks for stopping by H.H.

Oh, that is a good clip of the POB. It takes about 5 seconds to be transported into Giselle's world. The articulation of their dancers' feet is always amazing no matter how many times you watch it.

what little ballet junkie said- i got a bit teary reading this :)
wonderful- so happy for them but sad we can't see them here.
thanks for the review, haglund.

(now time to watch secret lives)

Yes, it was so great to see them finally get an opportunity to dance these roles. How sad it is to see other dancers who should also be given their earned opportunities simply shoved to the back burner. There simply is no logical or artistic reason for not seeing a Stella Giselle or a Sarah Giselle or Sarah/Herman Swan Lake. It sickens me to see such an unclassical, unaesthetic dancer as Osipova brought in to turn ABT's productions into gymnastic events.

Those male principals such as Hallberg, whose actions seem to communicate that he would much rather dance with guest artists than ABT's own dancers, should be ashamed of themselves.

It makes me laugh to hear Hallberg talk about his "partnership" with Osipova. Does she enhance his believability as a romantic lead? No. Does he enhance her limited ability to carry off classical roles? No. They are simply two high media targets who see that dancing together will create more media interest for them. They are about as compatible as water in the gas tank.

yes, agree it would be wonderful to see stella or sarah dance giselle & another i'd love to see get better roles is simone messmer- i think she's wonderfully sensual & expressive.
i have yet to see osipova live tho i have some friends that raved about her & david's giselle. while there are some dancers i've fallen in love with via youtube alone i find osipova (while her jumps are magnificent & she can be exciting to watch) does not particularly move me artistically either. i think david can be incredibly beautiful but must confess that i prefer a manlier albrecht.

I agree with your comments about Hallberg. I think the perception is directly tied to his ultra-ultra-thinness and the lack of upper body strength. It's a shame, because Hallberg could - in the hands of a good trainer (a real trainer) - look stunning. He looks a lot thinner than in years past and IMO it's not a good look or a healthy look at all.

Just want to add that we aren't the only ones who cannot understand why Stella Abrera hasn't gotten back her opportunity to dance Giselle. From the current issue of dance magazine, Sascha Radetsky writes:

"My wife, Stella Abrera, suffered her own form of mauling, and better embodies resourcefulness and resilience than I ever will. She stretched her sciatic nerve a few years ago and had to relinquish her dream role—a well-deserved opportunity that, inexplicably, has not again materialized. Stella now knows how to snuff out the occasional nerve flare-up, through a combination of exercises, self-adjustments, and vigilance. But mostly it is her optimism and vast reserves of fortitude that bear her through these rigors, and she always seems to emerge yet more radiant, as a dancer and human being."

It's the "inexplicably" that is so troubling.

Here's a link to the full article: http://www.dancemagazine.com/issues/April-2012/Breaking-Free

It is troubling, what a shame.

Thanks for the link- sascha is a talented writer! His upper room at bard this fall is a performance that will stay in my mind forever.

(I think sascha & stella have got to be one of the most gorgeous couples on earth).

Brilliant review.

Why, thank you very much, "a friend".

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