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March 09, 2012


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you've seen the dvd of ratmansky's donQ (het national)with golding? omg, i'm in love with him in that.

Yep. No doubt about it - Ratmansky can bring the brilliance out of a dancer – as can Corella, Stiefel, and Bocca.

If Golding had stayed at ABT, today he'd be dancing Spanish in Swan Lake instead of the lead and he'd be doing Toreador in Don Q instead of Basilio. He's a great dancer, and it's nice to see him getting opportunities like Basilio and the gig at the Mariinsky.

Back to Corella's Barcelona Ballet – they have some truly astonishing dancers who are going to be shown off very nicely in the Bruch Violin Concerto. Everyone should GO!

yeah, definitely planning to see corella ballet- i'll make the hubs take me for our anniversary. do you know if herman is dancing? i hope so :)

Don't know whether Herman is dancing or not. ABT is in Norfolk with Giselle that weekend; so, it's hard to say. The last time they came to NY, the company posted the casting on its website a week or so before arriving. Would love to see Herman in Stiefel's role in Bruch, but I doubt that is in the cards.

I'm hoping to hear of the company's Swan Lake casting for their Detroit dates soon enough that will allow me to book a flight if it's who I hope it will be.

Not knowing casting makes it truly hard to make plans and purchase decisions - just in case anyone is listening out there.

Will just have to wait & see i guess, i'm excited regardless- angel's company radiates such joy & i love the bruch as well, i still remember it from possibly over 20 years ago!

Hi Hagland! I just viewed the video and saw that it was Joseph Gatti dancing I believe the Stiefel solo variation here. He's also dancing with the girl in Pink. It comes right after the brief view of Mat with the girl in blue. Just to remind you Joseph was a memeber of ABT Studio Company. Joseph and Mat are very close friends and we're so happy he's getting all he deserves...finally. Joseph is with Boston Ballet and will be guesting for the 2nd year in the Dance Open Gala in St. Petersburg, Russia. Sorry for the long post but when I saw you used his complete solo in the video and his name wasn't mentioned I had to chime in! Thanks for all your great writing Hagland!

Hi Susan! Thanks for ID-ing Joseph Gatti in the clip. Fabulous dancer!

Your welcome Hagland!

Are there any hints about casting? I want to go to multiple performances, but want to see different casts if possible (and try to catch some Angel stage time). I believe last year in Los Angeles I saw Carmen Corella as the dark blue soloist and she was absolutely exquisite. Would love to see her in that role again.

No word on casting yet. If I find some, I'll definitely post it.

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