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March 13, 2012


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ha- i think we must have been watching it at the exact same time. i'm enjoying this series so much- loved all the dancer comments about stella & their faces while watching her :)

LOL. A lot of people are watching this series. Every Tuesday this blog gets hammered from Google searches for "Stella Abrera" from NZ, Australia, and much of Europe.

I love the scenery and designs! We need Gary Harris' imagination to come to New York for a new fairytale production of something or other - of course, starring Stella Abrera.

no argument here :) & omg, that dragon is so many times more awesome than the weird-ass spider web thing ABT has going on in their SB.
i wonder if more clips will eventually make their way to youtube- i mean they must have filmed the whole performance, i wish we could see the rose adagio in full.

Yeah, the spider web was not ABT's best idea - nor their worst which IMO was the shower curtain which they thankfully re-thought.

I imagine that the full video of RNZB's opening night is up on YouTube somewhere - unlisted so that only those with the URL can view it. Hopefully, someone will give it up.

If anyone can find it, Haglund, it's you!

Angelica, I'm willing to offer a bribe.

I'll contribute.

Since you are such a strong fan of Stella Abrera, I thought you'd be interested to know that she's in the April 2012 issue of 'Marie Claire' in an article called "Who's the fittest of them all?" on pg 256 if you want to take a quick peek at a newstand. I realize her stats contribute nothing to her artistry, but it's still interesting to see just how superhuman she is. And maybe more press attention will help her get the roles she deserves.

Thanks, GG. I'm off to the newsstand to check it out!

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