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March 20, 2012


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Flowerbomb, whoever you are, you rock! I'm addicted to this show now. And of course, thanks to Haglund too (addicted to this blog as well :)).


Yep, F'bomb has our undying gratitude for sharing these episodes with us!

I'm addicted to this show, too. It's refreshing how the producers are NOT mean-spirited with the editing in order to create negative drama - the way reality TV show producers do in the U.S.

SOOOO much better than u.s. reality shows! hoping the one that's being done on ballet west will be in the same positive spirit.

ps- love the firebird costume pics- thanks! :)

Thanks to F'bomb and Haglund for taking us backstage at the RBNZ! Can't wait to watch this episode.

Is a reality show being done on Ballet West? When will it start? What I'd really like to see is a reality show on ABT. I'm sure it would provide a most interesting window into the company.

I totally agree with your comment Haglund regarding the negative drama; I'm currently watching the 3rd season of Masterchef Australia, and it's a million times better than the US version--the show actually focuses on *gasp* cooking and food, what a novel concept.

here's all i know about the ballet west series :) http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/lifestyle/53658855-80/ballet-west-dance-sklute.html.csp

that they call it "the antidote to the movie ‘Black Swan,’ " is encouraging tho!

Thanks, Robin, for the info. It's also encouraging that the BBC promised that it wouldn't be like Jersey Shore.

Amen to that.

Hi Koji!

Ugh! The US version of Masterchef, like so many US reality shows, has to focus on the worst possible traits of the people involved in order to appeal to the lowest common denominator audience in the commercial market.

My favorite reality show - besides Secret Lives of Dancers, of course - is the Antiques Road Show. What could possibly be more exciting than to learn that somebody's junk is worth thousands of dollars? It makes me look at my own old junk-filled life in a new positive way.

Must admit I'm a reality cooking show junkie, but as I stated before, even those are usually tinged with faux drama instead of food;had a friend on the Next Iron Chef, and even in that rarified air, Food Network felt compelled at times to create 'storylines', instead of focusing on the amazing skills of the chefs involved.
Looking forward to your Firebird thoughts--wish I was in town to see it!

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