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March 02, 2012


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Here's a brief clip of the Act II PdD rehearsal (with piano) and a little bit of an interview with Vanessa and Jared.

I love the way he handles the arc of those overhead lifts. The deep lunge he takes to put her down makes it look like he is still reaching for her (and not just sliding her down his body to a rough landing). Perfecto!

Yep. Much to look forward to with this young man.

Here's a link to a review from the Winnipeg Free Press:

Very much looking forward to seeing his Albrecht in Chicago.

I'm psyched about the Chicago performance. I hope that Jared remembers that it's all just pretend and doesn't lose it when Yuriko dies or when her spirit leaves him at the end of Act II. HOWEVER, it would be nice to see an Albrecht who shed real tears at the end. Real tears.

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