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April 18, 2012


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Virelles! Wow. Is he a guest? Still with BNC? I'm sorry not to see this. If ABT is going to persist in the guest artist thing, they missed a great opportunity by not using any of the Cuban guys.

Glad to have your report, Haglund.

Hi dc!

Alejandro Virelles is listed as a First Soloist in the Playbill - one level below Principal. While watching him last night and tonight, my feeling is that he was an extremely recent acquisition to the company. He wasn't quite comfortable with some of the choreography or the cramped City Center stage. He also looked a little thin. But whenever he found room to leap, what a beautiful sight!

When you see a Cuban suddenly show up unexpectedly on a world stage somewhere, your heart beats a bit quicker because you know the stress he must have endured to get there. He's landed in a good place, though. I hope he sticks with Corella for a while.

The company was outstanding tonight. Aaron Robison really rose to the occasion and has taken on much of Angel's energetic spirit. He was quite a leader this evening. He and Angel managed to persuade me to buy yet another ticket for tomorrow night. It seems that I will be seeing all of the company's NYC performances.

But don't expect too much encouragement from The New York Times, which always manages to throw a damper on every company except NYCB. Grateful not only for your review, Haglund, but your contagious enthusiasm!

Hi Angelica!

The learned New York Times dance critic had trouble appreciating the various forms of Spanish dance on display because she could not see any castanets on stage.

Glad you love it enough to go 4 times! I'm going tonite!

You'll enjoy it, I'm sure. Hopefully, I'll be there, too, but it seems my kitchen window suffered its own bird strike today. I may be detained.

I knew the Trocks were going to have an accident some day with their Swan Lake!

LOL, Angelica.

i DID enjoy it- absolutely!the bruch was just gorgeous, momoko hiriata was especially sharp & sparkly- absolutely loved her.
Angel was, of course, beyond incredible. personally i loved palpito- (some sections much more than others)& wish i could go see it again tonite.

hope your window is ok!

I loved the rhythms in Palpito. The whole production smoothed out nicely last night, and the dancers seemed more relaxed. I wish I'd understood the lyrics of the traditional song in the Seguidilla, but the singer's voice was transporting on its own.

Is Cornejo dancing with the company for the NYC tour? Did McKenzie not release him for the engagement? Really petty, if so. Herman was the one who lead the guard, so to speak, for For 4 when I saw Corella Ballet out here.

Hi K. No Herman so far. ABT is in Norfolk, VA this weekend with Giselle. Not sure which gentleman in For 4 would be considered to be the one leading the guard, but I can tell you that Aaron Robison was mighty impressive in role #3 - and in everything else he danced.

Hi! Wooww..it's nice to read you :-) Thanks to all for posting.

Eager to see Pálpito. I think that they will be premiering it in Catalonia during Peralada Festival where they are already announced.

Kind regards from Barcelona :-) (so proud this Company represent us)

Hello Carolina!!!

Yes, the company looks great and you will delighted with Pálpito.

Carolina, PLEASE keep us up-to-date with the information you have there in Spain. The company's new website is not yet in place; so, it's hard to follow the news.

Yes, you should be very proud. Barcelona Ballet will soon be bigger in Spain than soccer.

Barcelona Ballet is great, the show loved and dancers are beautiful. Elegants PdD but I missed Natalia Tapia in red PdD, Momoko Hirata and Yuka Iseda are lovely and corps of ballet was perfect, a dancer to follow is Carla Lopez, amazing technique and very pretty!
For4 is amazing and men dancers are great!
Pálpito is great too and the costumes are beautiful!

Congratulations for Barcelona Ballet, congratulations for all, soloist and corps of ballet dancers!!

Hello SB. Thanks for reading H.H.

There were so many great dancers on stage at Barcelona Ballet. The corps is full of spirit and talent, and was a pure joy to watch.

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