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May 20, 2012


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ack- don't even tell me that. our studio is going as a group & got the group discount $43 balcony seats (a whopping $2 savings. yahoo.) that i could sit in orch for the same price is kind of depressing! ah well, guess my daughter & i will be fighting over the good pair of binocs.

while i'm not seeing johann & 100% agree the role should have gone to an ABT dancer i still think he will be hilarious in it.

also, you are so weird ;)

While I don't know where the Goldstar seats are, if they are in the back of the orchestra, you'd still be in binoc territory. Balcony is better than a poor Orchestra seat for Bright Stream.

Yes, Haglund can be weird, but it's a Mr. Bill World out there.

well, it looks like $52.50 for orchestra prime (or $45 for the wednes matinee) & $31.00 for rear orch. half price, not bad :) oh well.

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