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May 13, 2012


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He is going to lose a lot of dancers. I think everyone should start writing in and protesting. He has so much talent within the company and it is a shame to waste it!!

I get the feeling that the board might be making some of these decisions!!

Hi Judy. Lots of people have written to the company, but ABT's policy seems to be not to respond or even acknowledge complaints.

HBD - do you mean hiring decisions or firing decisions or both?

Both. I just think they might have a very large influence on personnel issues.

Well, if Koch and Kramer are making casting decisions, I have even less respect for McKenzie for not resigning.

James was hired as a Soloist. He is a beautiful dancer and I hope he is able to thrive at ABT, but somehow I wonder if that's really possible for any dancer in that company.

Hi Susan. Thanks for the info, but I wonder why ABT had to go outside of the company to find a new soloist, and what exactly does James offer that cannot be found within the company's own ranks.

James seems to be a very experienced and seasoned partner in both classical and contemporary. I suppose he will be easier to 'break in' than others already in the company with less effort on the part of the staff.

Tamm, Hammoudi, Gorak, Doble, Ribagorda, Baca, Hoven - it doesn't make any sense at all. Again, the problem points to staffing, not talent within the company. Look at the list of ballet masters and tell me that's not a huge problem. They can't depend on poor, over-worked Irina Kolpakova to keep this company going in the soloist and principal ranks.

McKenzie has no vision!! He should be promoting from within the company, not bringing in guest artists and hiring Soloists and Principal dancers from outside the company.

The Board is crazy to let him keep doing the things he is doing.


Well I feel like pretty soon there will either be a coup or all of the quality dancers will exit ABT for better casting opportunities.

It's so hard to leave a company like ABT when you've already put your roots down. There are many pluses at ABT...but many negatives also. A coup would most likely be easier!

Yes, some kind of collective job action organized by the union during THIS Met season would be supported by a lot of people. But the union seems to be pretty lame.

We all know how Koch likes to disrupt unions.

Yes I am curious as to what leverage the dancers my have using the union. Not sure if the kids ever link about using the union for anything other than money.

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