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June 22, 2012


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Love the line re: the mountain gang. Was your "obligation" the need not to see Osipova dance? Sadly with misty out tomorrow I've got to sit through it. But looking forward to seeing Herman at least - I've had to avoid him so much this season since he's been paired with guests.

And I agree about this role suiting Xiomara well - her fairy-in-the-danish-countryside style fits perfectly.

Xiomara is superb in this. Maria Riccetto would be outstanding as well. So would Yuriko.

I would ADORE Yuriko in it. I also want her to do R&J with Alex.

:) :) :D going tomorrow night- can't wait!
(the puck boot is a riot)

Herman is better than anyone's wildest dreams.

That he is.
Loving that he's getting such great press & twitter buzz these days - well deserved!
The Dream was pure joy tonight- xiomara was great as were all the lovers- wish i could watch it again!

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