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June 23, 2012


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Thank you for these great reviews. "The Dream" is among my favourites and I can't help but feel a bit of envy along with the enjoyment of reading about these performances because you can see the great Herman Cornejo in this brilliant role. I could understand that the things that Simkin is lacking become even more noticeable when having these two performances next to each other.
This piece is something I could watch over and over without it getting dull or 'worn-out'. For these performances the timing would have added to the 'magic' as they were centred around actual Midsummer.

Hi Kallima.

It's becoming a privilege to watch Herman Cornejo in whatever he dances.

In the early years of ABT's production of this ballet, they filmed Herman with Stiefel and Ferri as Oberon and Titania. They are still ABT's ultimate Dream Team cast IMO. I hope you have been able to watch that video.


It definitely is. I've seen some clips of him dancing in Spain and it was all very enjoyable. He not only dances wonderfully, but also brings a special charm to his roles.

I've watched that video, and could do so over and over again. Certainly not just because of Ashton's brilliant work, the cast is really excellent from what I can tell. Just hitting the spot imo, therefore I could not understand much of the criticism going on that concerned the cast and dancers themselves. Admittedly, the first time I watched this I was paying more attention to Puck and Oberon than Titania, but that's not due to a lack on Ferri's side, it's just that the moments of interaction between these two are that great.

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