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July 08, 2012


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Thank you again!
I've watched the clip on youtube and that in itself was breathtaking. Usually doesn't happen to that extent for farewell bows, but these were truly exceptional. Many special moments, little details like Stella tapping on Ethan's shoulder because he was turned away and engaged in communicating with the people there. Everything was laden with strong feelings, just wow.

Yes, it was emotional. There were many people in the audience who watched his career almost from beginning to end. A very worthwhile journey with a fitting end.

It was definitely palpable and must have been truly strong right there. Fitting indeed.
And from what I can tell, he exchanged a couple of words (and several times more than just a few) with almost everyone who came and brought flowers. Also a nice gesture to Gennadi!

This has already been some time ago, but I've just come across this lengthy and insightful interview with Ethan by Gia Kourlas:

Thanks for the link, Kallima.

It definitely has some melancholic and 'bittersweet' moments. But I am excited to see what this production of Giselle will be like.

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