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July 17, 2012


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Wasn't there an Osipova-Hallberg R&J this past ABT season where they took a bow after the balcony scene because the audience wouldn't stop clapping? Maybe New York audiences are getting bolder.

You are not kidding about those Wilis. They were sublime last night.

Hi Maria.

What a turn of the story it would be if the audience became the Big Myrtha and demanded that the Wilis dance their big moment all over again. After all, isn't "encore" a French concept?

They were so, so beautiful.

Hi Angelica. Yes, R&J did come out for the bow at the end of the act. I think you're right about NY ballet audiences. They are getting a little bolder - even bold enough to BOO now and then.

In the Clairemarie Giselle last week, it seemed as if the audience was going to keep applauding until the wilis at least took a curtain call, if not danced an encore. But then it came dangerously close to a standoff between the audience and the orchestra. The orchestra kept playing and so the dancers kept dancing. Finally the audience realized that it was going to miss a whole lot if it didn't behave. Next time the audience might not be so compliant.

Same thing happened last night. I can understand how it's wrong, but why not pause and let the corps bask in the applause that it so deserves.

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