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July 20, 2012


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What a wonderful review, Haglund! Thank you for reminding us about those 3/4 releves, which I marveled at at the time, but would have disappeared into the recesses of my mind had you not highlighted them. Difficult to write more on a touch screen, but I simply HAD to respond to that!

I knew you wold like those bourrées! I also loved the way she was pulled back to the grave after the Wilis left, and, oh she did not want to go.

Just want to go on record as having bought the ticket for the Sat matinee specifically to see M A Gillot dance Myrtha. And so glad I did! But I believe you're right in general because she was the only etoile who danced that role.

Oops, I think that EC is an etoile. Don't have my program down here to verify. So is it really that different?

Hi dc. Those bourrees were something else, but the arm movements that went with them made me giddy happy.

Hi Angelica. I forgot that you bought your ticket specifically for Marie Agnes. I would have to say that her grand jete from the back of the forest was worth it.

I bought a ticket for one grand jete. I will remember it for the rest of my life.

I was there, too, for Clairemarie Osta's final performance. She was lovely and I’m glad I got to see her. Unfortunately, though, I had purchased a $29 orchestra seat, which was all the way on the left. I wish someone at the box office had told me that I was really getting a partial view seat. I couldn't see the cross that you had talked about. And worse of all, I totally missed the final scene between Giselle and Albrecht. I would have preferred to sit higher up and closer to the center, but back in April, when I bought my ticket, 3rd and 4th Ring tickets were not sale. Maybe I shouldn’t complain about a $29 orchestra seat, but I was so disappointed by what I missed. I literally couldn’t see almost a third of the stage! I know you have issues with ABT, but my issues are with the David Koch Theater’s crazy ticket policy. Oh, well… next time, I guess I’ll know better.

Hi B.

Definitely, you should complain if the box office failed to disclose that it was a partial view seat. Most theaters are honest enough to print or write PV on the ticket in addition to telling the buyer. Here's the email address from the website:


You're right. I will do that. Thanks.

NYCB totally messed up it's Fourth Ring Society Member program--and lost me as a ticket buyer. But the theater shouldn't be playing these games when an outside company, like the POB, comes to town.

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